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Please be patient, it takes quite a bit of time to locate club details and add them to this directory.  Want to help by adding and maintaining your own club's details?  Roll your mouse over the My Club Details bar at the left of this screen.

Clubs that appear in the tree under 'Clubs in location' have been reviewed and details are as accurate as it is possible to make them until corrections are received from clubs themselves.  Other clubs appearing in the 'Clubs list' are yet to be checked.

Details of all known NSW clubs have now been updated pending any corrections that clubs may wish to make.

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Manage your own club's details

Managing your own club's details is now quite a simple affair and helps to ensure that the record is up to date and accurate.  The Lapidary Club Directory is visited regularly by people trying to find details about clubs and gem shows so why not help your club by helping people find it.

To take over management of your club details just register on the website by clicking 'Register' at the top left of this page then go to our Contact Us page and click on the 'Click here to email' link and fill in the form.  Be sure to include the username that you chose so that I can assign you rights to administer your club's details.

Once you're registered and assigned rights you can find instructions on what to do at this page [link to be added].